Soup and Sandwiches

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A big pot of soup that reminds you of home with a hearty sandwich to leave you feeling satisfied
A plate of cookies is included.   $15.00 per person 



 Curried PumpkinChicken Salad
 Chicken NoodleBaked Ham Salad
 Turkey VegetableEgg Salad with Almonds
 MinestronePastrami and Swiss
 Split PeaRoast Beef, Spinach and Cheddar
 Creamy PotatoRoast Turkey and Swiss
 French OnionVegetarian Wraps
 Sausage and Bean

                     (add $1.00)

 Corn ChowderApple Monte Cristo
 Fresh Tomato and PastaGourmet Grilled Cheese
 Assorted Italian
 Grilled Mozzarella & Roasted Pepper

Croque Monsieur

 Greek Chicken Salad Wraps

 Pozole with Flauta Sandwiches - Mexican Chicken Soup with Fried Flautas filled with spicy chicken, beans and cheese  $17.00 per person

Vegetable Platters
Fruit Platters

Please give me a call to discuss your specific needs and budget
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